Final review schedule.

Attached is the Final Review Schedule for Foundations and the review work list —these have also been posted in both the Harder Hall studio and the Cohen Studio.  The Reviews will be held on Monday Nov. 29, Tuesday Nov. 30th, Thursday Dec. 2nd, and Friday Dec. 3rd from 8:15 am – 11:00 am.  Each of you has been scheduled for a 15 minute review.  All reviews will be held in the Cohen Studio.

As you check the schedule please make sure to note the DAY, TIME and PLACE your review will be held.  This review is essentially your final exam for the Art 101 class  — therefore arriving late or missing your review will result in a reduction to your final semester grade.  Make every effort to bring in all of the work that has been requested.  IF you are missing one or two pieces you do not need to re-do them for the final review.

The week of final review we will not be holding classes as usual, however, we will be holding a final clean up of the Harder Hall Drawing spaces on Monday Nov. 29th from 9 – 11 am.  This is a mandatory clean up (students who are being reviewed during that time are exempted) students must report to the Harder Hall studio at 9 am that morning to help with clean up.  I will provide all clean up materials — you will all need to dress appropriately.  Otherwise for the rest of the week you are only responsible for showing up to your individual reviews.