Prof. Daniel Brag’s Project

Sculptures for one day.

There are many instruments, precise tools, proportions and angles to estimate and define spaces and to find out about there materials and ways of construction. However, I am interested in effect of space, of a place of transition.
You should analyze the sensual-aesthetic and energetic qualitys of a self chosen location, on the campus. It is about the distinctiveness of each location, about its atmosphere, appearence and effectiveness. The artistic work is to question, clarify or change this location.

You will produce outdoor objects which are fragile, lightweight and reversible.

As a „first step“, we will do “walks”, through all the campus buildings, and the outdoor space. What is covered, what is unusual, what did I never noticed? Through small performances we will test the effect and effectiveness of public spaces.

The following questions will be dicussed:

1. Which mood does the location set?

2. What catches my eye?
3. How does the location change through my interference.
As a “second step” you will individually or in small groups choose a location for you, which you will question, and experiment with materials of your own choice.
As a coach, I will help you in your brainstorming. Within the team we will test the coherence of content, materiallity and location. All categories from sculpture to painting, installation, performance, video, sound or light-show are allowed.

The temporary, reversible outdoor projects will then, after consultation with me and the responsible people, be realized.
Presentation and discussion of all works will take place on the End of April.

But only for one day!
All student works should be documented.

Prof. Daniel Brag, Randall Chair

Email:, Office: 607-871-2235, Cell: 1 (716) 430-0849