A or B?

You have been assigned to either Group A or Group B for Fall Semester Foundations. You will move with this group through 4 workshops that are taught by faculty teams. These are:

DRAWING X (experimental)
Will Contino/Jason Green, M/T, Harder Hall, 2nd FL , Group A Bring: Sketchbook, Art Kit, Drawing Board

STUDIO Research
Michelle Illuminato/Brett Hunter, M/T, Cohen basement, Group B Bring: Sketchbook, the book “How to be an Explorer of the World” and your laptop.

Angie To/John Gill, Th/F, Harder Hall, 2nd FL, Group A

DRAWING O (observation)
Ted Morgan/Kevin Wixted, Th/F, Cohen 1st Floor, Group B

To find out which group you are in, download using first link, view using second.