NOTE TO THE STUDENTS IN STUDIO LINE (with Brett and Michelle only!)

To make things go faster and smoother tomorrow… please:

1. Take some time tonight to remove all papers from the wall, trash and materials that are not directly associated with your final piece. Also please note, that you should be using the top floor to work on your drawings, so those of you who have migrated downstairs, please move your easels back upstairs.

2. Take down and stack tables on the wall near the restroom.

3. Arrive for the class meeting early… we will start at 10:20!

4. Be ready to let us know your space needs for the our final crit on Monday.

5. Also, if you didn’t post your proposals, please do. Also keep up with posting about your process.

6. If you plan on doing a video, please make sure that you have joined the Freshmen Foundation DROPBOX, you were sent an invite at the start of school!