makeLAB (both sections)

makeLAB 2013

Professors John Gill and Jason Green

FOR THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS:  Bring 10 high quality color prints of paintings from history. You need to print the image, rather than just saving images on your laptop.   For the best color reproduction, print the images on glossy paper.Try to find paintings you think show DEPTH.  The images should clear and be as large as you can find, 8.5×11 would be ideal.  Spend some time looking at and finding paintings by different artists, from different time periods and from different art movements.

Along with your 10 Printed Images, also bring the following tools and materials to the first class meeting:

Regular Glue Stick (not hot glue), Exacto Knife, Matt Knife, Ruler,  Blue Painters Tape or Masking Tape, Scissors

A good place to start your research is the following website:

You can look up artist by genre, art movement, name, etc.  When you click on an artist it will bring you to their page.  At the top of the page click on the “List Artworks Chronologically” or “All Artworks by Alphabet”.  Then click on an artwork to go to the artwork page.  In small type under the image is a link that says “View All Sizes”.  Click on the largest available size to get the largest available image for printing.

There is also a selection of paintings from WikiPaintings on the blog:

You can find images of paintings in art books in the library.  These can be scanned and printed or you can make a color photocopy.  You may also scan and print slides that you find in the Visual Resources Collection in Scholes Library.

Image Resources at Scholes Library can be found here:

Paper and Cardboard
You will need a large collection of paper/newspaper and cardboard for your     project.  You will be able to find some while you are on campus but please bring     some from home so you can get started.  Two shopping bags of newspaper     and six cardboard boxes would be good to start with. Boxes can be broken     down.

Please restock your tool kits with the supplies you had at the start of the year.

In addition, you will need to have the following tools and materials:
Tools and Materials:

•    Hot Glue Gun

•    3 Packages of Hot Glue Sticks

•    Elmers or other brand Glue Sticks

•    Cork Backed Ruler

•    Heavy Duty Utility/Matt Knife with Extra Blades

•    Xacto Knife or Olfa Knife with Blades

•    1/2” Blue Painters Tape

•    2 Rolls Masking tape

•    Scissors

•    #2 Phillips Head Screw Driver

•    Coping Saw

•    Four 2” Hand Spring Clamps

•    Small 3” Touch Up Paint Roller and Extra Rollers

•    1 Quart Covered Plastic Container

•    Safety Glasses

•    Large Tubes of Acrylic Paint
Such as:  Liquitex Basics 8.5 oz Tubes
You can find a list of the acrylic paints using the following link to         Foundation Make: Lab 2013 on the Dick Blick website. Go to the Blick U         Course List for Alfred University School of Art and Design.  You may         already have some of these in your kit.
Here is the direct link to the Blick U Foundation Make:Lab 2013 list:

•    3 Spools of White Heavy Duty Button & Carpet Thread or Upholstery Thread