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Here’s another reminder of the basic zine format we will be working with.  Remember: pages 3-6 will be upside down, so when folded they will align with the other pages.  We will go over how to cut and fold them tomorrow in class.

The list-making today was a jumping-off point for thinking about ways of telling us about yourself.  Think of other ways you might give us some insight into the story of YOU.  

Some other ideas: archeological dig of your pockets/purse/dormroom, favorite recipes from home, inventory of your piercings/tattoos/scars – and the stories they tell, maps of all the places you’ve lived or rooms you’ve inhabited, how-to guides, family/pet portraits, mixtapes of your favorite songs – illustrated somehow, your favorite articles of clothing and why they are important to you, an interpretation of your facebook page… 

Again – these are just prompts, a place to start – the possibilities of self expression are endless, so please be creative and really tell us a story!


Brooklyn Zine Fest

the Brooklyn zine fest website, will link you to the pages of zine artists  —  note the diversity of content, style, and format.

and one of my favorites:

Kate Bingaman-Burt, who chronicles every purchase she makes. You can see her zines and drawings here:

Daily Purchase Drawings




Tomorrow is Wednesday. Day Three.

What to do for tonight? Keep working on the walls, work on your HOMETOWN STORY recording, and bring 3 finished zines to class tomorrow! Here’s a link to the downloadable instructions for the type of one-page zine we are creating! Thanks to the Barnard Zine Library! Check them out here: Barnard Zine Library

Download Zine Format