Love Dance? Want to Learn More?

If so, your first ‘move’ might be to take a Dance class this Fall. Composition 1 is open to all BFA students with a signature from Prof. Chase Angier. It meets on Monday and Wednesday from 11:20 until 12:35. Dance classes count towards your Physical Education credit and may even ‘lead’ you into a Dance Minor!

So what are the requirements for a Dance Minor?

The following courses (completed with a grade of a C or better) are required for a minor in Dance.
Danc 120         Fundamentals of Dance  2 credits
Danc 230         Improvisation/Composition 1 3 credits
Danc 211         Dance History 4 credits
Danc 270         AU Dance Theater 4 credits (2 credits taken twice)
Danc 222         Modern I 2 credits
Danc 330         Improvisation/Composition II 3 credits
Or Danc 331   Site Specific Comp  3 credits

Electives in Dance Courses     6 Credits    Choose from the following:
Danc 322         Modern II 2 credits     (can be taken more than once for credit)
Danc 370         Choreographic Practicum 2 credits
Danc 221/321  Ballet I & II 2 credits
Danc 223/323  Jazz I & II  2 credits
Danc 340         New & Existing Repertory   3 credits
Danc 224         Contact Improvisation 2 credits
Danc 331         Site Specific Comp (if took Comp II) 3 credits
Danc 330         Improv/Comp II (if took Site Specific) 3 credits
Danc 450         Independent Study
Danc 200         Special Topics (such as Advanced technique, Site Specific Art & Dance, Improvisation, Movement for Actors, etc…)

Total Credits Hours = 24         

For more info please contact Prof. Chase Angier at