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Erwin Wurm – inspired One Minute Sculptures

Some of our faves that best illustrated examples of finding new (and strange) relationships with the “everyday” while making some beautifully composed images. Really nice job!!

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Rainer Maria Rilke was a Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist who lived from 1875 until 1926. His work was intense, magical and relevant to the work you all are doing… to explore learn and become amazing artists.

The above is taken from one of his Letters to A Young Poet, ten letters he wrote to the young poet Franz Kappus about how a poet should feel, love, and seek truth in trying to understand and experience the world around him and engage the world of art. See all 10 letters he wrote here:

Join this Conversation about Citizenship.


You are invited to join “Anchors Away?!” a Constitution Day event on Thursday, September 17th.  At 7:30 p.m., in Olin 301 for a lively discussion about recent controversies over citizenship.

Professors Heineman and Stein and CLAS students Nevia Gallimore, Jasmine Ramon and Dominic Scavo will be discussing the theme of birthright citizenship, with particular attention to recent controversies over so-called “anchor babies” (U.S.-born children of illegal migrants who are said to bear them in order to help ease their paths to citizenship) and “birth tourism” (relatively well-off foreigners who time “vacations” in the U.S. so they’ll have babies while here, thereby guaranteeing their children the benefits of U.S. citizenship). It’s an interesting debate, and we look forward to a lively, interactive discussion of the theme.

Students in DRAWX with Barbara, Kevin and John will have time during class on Monday morning to complete the 360-degree drawing assignment.