Daily Archives: October 11, 2015

A cake maybe? A round of applause?

Congrats on completing your first two Foundations workshops here at Alfred ! Yay! While you may be away for Fall Break… keep your finger on the pulse of the program… check back to learn more about your next workshops and what you will need to bring for that first day.


ziX4rMg5TGroup B! You will start off next week with STUDIO Research. Please bring the following:

Your Laptop Computer

Your Camera

Your Toolbox (especially scissors, x-actos, cutting board, glue)

Your Package of Photo Paper (not the darkroom one!)

Notebook/Sketchbook + Pen

Walking shoes.

If you do not have something from above, please let us know… at the beginning of class. We have some cameras and other things that we can lend out.

See you at 8 am in Cohen, bottom floor!