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Exciting Art! Get involved!

Join Naz Kourgli for the remastered inter-active audioworks by the visionary Artaud Paluscz…at noon in the following areas for up to thirty minutes this week only. Bring your SMARTPHONE, HEADPHONES and SUNGLASSES. See below for more!


holmes auditorium lobby


knight club


McLane tennis courts


miller dance studios


global simulcast also available on walf 89.7fm

Foundations Review Schedule

Please see below for the review schedule. Reviews will be held in Cohen on Monday 11/30 and Tuesday 12/1. Note your SPACE number as well as your time… and please arrive at least 15 minutes ahead to organize the presentation of your work. No meetings will be rescheduled or changed.

FALL 2015Review_T

FALL 2015Review_M

So after Thanksgiving? REVIEWS!

Andy Warhol said that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. Next week you will have 15 minutes to share your semester work with a group of faculty— and while you may not be famous for it in the end, you certainly will have the limelight.

All reviews will be held in Cohen Studios. Please show up 15 minutes early to set up your portfolio in the area you are assigned. Take time setting up to present your work in the best possible way. This may mean that you must fix, retouch or cleanup artworks.

Reviews are are important, required of all students, and will not be rescheduled. See other post for your assigned time. Below is listed what faculty would like you to bring from their class.

Faculty: Kathy, Kat
Your best search line drawing, your best smoke drawing (using the side of charcoal to bring up values), your scratchboard and night drawing, and your final 4 drawings.
Faculty: Barbara, Kevin, John
Chicken Wire/Photoshop project
360 Drawing/Painting project

For A Block, please also bring digital files for Image Fractals project and

Architectural Painting

STUDIO research (the line)
Faculty: Brett, Michelle
Bring your final project or documentation of it. Documentation should be one image to a 81/2 x 11 sheet of photo paper and show close ups and the work in context. Please bring a laptop computer to share  your blog.
Faculty: Angie, Jason
Students may bring actual projects or good documentation.
A group:
Project #3:  Closed Structure
Project #5: Hybrid Form
B group:
Project #1: Found material transformation (choose the best of 2)
Project #2: Paper transformation

Reminder from Barbara, John, and Kevin

Attention all “A group” students currently studying with John Gill, Barbara Lattanzi, and Kevin Wixted!!

Do check the crit schedule and portfolio checklist.

Here is your reminder of where to find that information…

What time are you scheduled?

The scheduled time for your individual critique is on a flyer posted in our Foundations studio space (taped to the window).  

If you have not yet done so, do find your name on that list.  Write down your scheduled set-up time (20 minutes before your actual critique).

Crits are with John, Barbara, and Kevin.  And as you already know, these are scheduled on Monday and Tuesday this coming week!

Do not be late.  It is crucial that everyone arrive at their designated time.

What do you bring?

A portfolio checklist is posted next to the schedule.

See you soon!



B GROUP -DRAWING O – this is for *you*

B block observational drawing – final review and project information!

Final Project: You will be doing 4 charcoal drawings of one location. Each drawing will be from a different perspective, at a different time of the day and from alternating distances.

There will be 4 drawings – each at 22″x15″ – so you will be halving 2 sheets of 22″x30″ or quartering a sheet of 30″x44″ paper. Kathy and I recommend the BFK paper found at the bookstore as it will handle the charcoal and eraser better. Stonehenge is fine if you want to continue working on that.

For FINAL REVIEWS – please have:

your best search line drawing, your best smoke drawing (using the side of charcoal to bring up values), your scratchboard and night drawing, and your final 4 drawings.

Schedule of review times is here: Group B_final reviews

PLEASE, come 10 minutes early before your review time to hang all your work on the wall. We want you to have the full amount of time allotted to you!

For some charcoal inspiration, look at William Kentridge (mentioned him in class on Friday). Check him out, especially if you are felling frustrated with charcoal. Charcoal can be your friend. William Kentridge

AND ONE MORE THING – remember artist Erin Riley (tapestry weaver) is coming to speak with our class on Wednesday. Please come with some good questions and comments for her. We had a nice conversation in the galley on Friday, would love to hear how you all respond to her work and talk!

Thanks! Kat n Kathy

Artist talk: Erin M. Riley

fun ErinM.Riley14WEB

Next Wednesday in foundations we will have visiting artist Erin M. Riley joining us from Brooklyn to talk about her hand-woven tapestries (currently on show in the Fosdick-Nelson gallery exhibition Soft Core)

Check out more of her work on her website.

This week for STUDIO Visits at Alfred, we welcome Iranian-Canadian artist Rah Eleh! Join us on Wednesday November 11th from 9-11 in Holmes to learn more about her and in the meantime check out her website!