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B GROUP -DRAWING O – this is for *you*

B block observational drawing – final review and project information!

Final Project: You will be doing 4 charcoal drawings of one location. Each drawing will be from a different perspective, at a different time of the day and from alternating distances.

There will be 4 drawings – each at 22″x15″ – so you will be halving 2 sheets of 22″x30″ or quartering a sheet of 30″x44″ paper. Kathy and I recommend the BFK paper found at the bookstore as it will handle the charcoal and eraser better. Stonehenge is fine if you want to continue working on that.

For FINAL REVIEWS – please have:

your best search line drawing, your best smoke drawing (using the side of charcoal to bring up values), your scratchboard and night drawing, and your final 4 drawings.

Schedule of review times is here: Group B_final reviews

PLEASE, come 10 minutes early before your review time to hang all your work on the wall. We want you to have the full amount of time allotted to you!

For some charcoal inspiration, look at William Kentridge (mentioned him in class on Friday). Check him out, especially if you are felling frustrated with charcoal. Charcoal can be your friend. William Kentridge

AND ONE MORE THING – remember artist Erin Riley (tapestry weaver) is coming to speak with our class on Wednesday. Please come with some good questions and comments for her. We had a nice conversation in the galley on Friday, would love to hear how you all respond to her work and talk!

Thanks! Kat n Kathy