Daily Archives: January 18, 2017

Your Faculty’s Sketchbooks, round 3: Linda Sikora

Ceramic Arts faculty, Linda Sikora, shared some pages from a recent sketchbook:

Check out Linda’s beautiful pottery¬†here. ¬†AND Linda was recently featured on PBS’s series “Craft in America” – watch here


Homework recap for Tonight!

For Tonight:

Go to the Scholes Library and begin your research

Chose a number of books- either from specific categories or at random from various locations. Become familiar with the way the library catalogues subjects and authors and print media.

Distill your source material to down to two different (2) source materials. You will be using the sourced information to create your own artist book. Use one of your pamphlet books or create a new pamphlet book to house all of this research.

For Thursday:

Bring in a sketchbook full of your research from your sourced material.

You need at least one two layer paste paper


Your final artist book, based on two library sources, will be due and critiqued.

This final book should show the scope of new skills you have acquired and should give your view an understanding of the source material used in its creation.