Daily Archives: January 27, 2017

Gallery Night in Alfred

So many openings tonight. You should go to all of them. Art! Free food! Schmoozing! Art!


At Fosdick-NelsonReel Real, curated by Chase Folsom,  opening 7-9

Five contemporary artists use trompe l’oeil drawing, painting, and sculpture as a seduction to reel the viewer into questioning perceptions of reality.

At Cohen Art CenterRomancing the Toaster, from our very own Myles Calvert!! opening from 6-8 pm

Calvert’s work explores the relationships that develop between everyday objects and popular culture references. Following the ideals of Romanticism, emphasis is given to an individual experience of emotion. A moment of spontaneity allows for humour and a subtle twist to avoid an overwhelming glorifications of the past through objects of the mundane

At Turner GalleryFiguring our Shit Out and Painting ♥’s Photography exhibitions, open 6-8

The Ceramic Art Museum will be open – check out their exhibition Core Sample

And Painting Professor, Stephanie McMahon, has an opening at Jamestown Community College in Olean, titled Earthworks, featuring new paintings!  Opening from 6-8