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Wednesday class this week

We will be meeting in the Harder Lobby again at 9. Please have your completed sculpted and painted objects ready to view.

Groups A and B need to have their colab casting plan approved by Sara before Thursday morning. Plan to meet with her Wednesday 10:30-11:00 or at another scheduled time, email her to schedule. It is a good idea to draw and write out your casting plan and scan/email it to Sara to help expedite the approval.
Group A and B need to bring all pen pal correspondence to class on Thursday.
And a reminder to have your work out of the studios before spring break or it will be thrown away!
See you tomorrow.

Cultural Bowl – tomorrow!

Hand-thrown bowls, home-made foods! Tomorrow from 12-4 in the Knight Club, Powell Campus Center.

Organized by former Foundations badass, Takumi Morozumi! Eat food, get a bowl!

Asians in America and the Institute for Culture Unity (ICU) will present the “Cultural Bowl,” a community-based charity event that aims to raise funds for local shelters: New Hope Animal Shelter and Alfred Housing Committee, on Friday, February 24th from 12-4p.m. located in Powell Campus Center’s Knight Club.

The Cultural Bowl will combine handmade ceramic bowls from artists directed by Alfred University Junior, Takumi Morozumi, along with donated family-style meals from local community members, students, and faculty alike. Bowls will have a suggested price of $10, which will include food donated by community members.


Learn to mend your own clothes with Charlie Best – THIS EVE!


Have holes in your sweaters? Threadbare jeans? Buttons falling off? Shirts coming apart at the seams? Don’t toss it – learn how to fix it!

Join Charlie Best (AU School of Art & Design) for an introductory lesson in clothing repair. No prior experience necessary. If you have articles of clothing that need fixing, bring them with you! Otherwise, scrap fabric will be provided to practice on.

The textile industry is one of the biggest sources of waste and pollution. A great way to reduce your environmental impact is to make your clothes last a long time or buy them secondhand, purchasing new textiles as little as possible.

This event will take place in the BookEnd Lounge at Herrick Library.


Free event
Sponsored by Green Alfred

Looking at the Everyday

Openings tonight in the Turner Gallery

2 shows opening tonight:

Upstairs is Junior, Charlie Best’s, show Tin Can Telephone, an exhibition featuring video, fiber, 2D, 3D works and live performances. 16708283_472404049816068_4393786238594234807_n.jpg

Downstairs is the neon sculpture show from our very own Sarah Blood’s neon students.

These neon cacti from Junior, Noah Heyman


Openings are 7-9 with live performances beginning at 8.

Dance weekend – starting tonight!


Come see the wonderful dance and choreography work from the students and dance faculty.  So many School of Art and Design Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, AND our very own Carly and Ryan will be performing! Please come and see all the hard work they have been doing this year. Tonight thru Saturday.

No Wednesday class tomorrow! But use this time wisely…

Hi all,

we are going to have tomorrow be a studio work day. We will NOT be meeting for our regular Wednesday class, BUT we do expect you to use this time as a space to work on your projects for your studio classes.

I (Kat) still need to meet with 5-6 of you re:  ritual projects. I will be in the studios from 10-11 to speak with you. You know who you are so please come and speak with me.

Sara is holding office hours from 2-4:30 at the Jet.

“Office” Hours- next week

A reminder that Sara and I are holding office hours at the Jet next week. Please come talk to us – especially if you are having attendance concerns. We can use this time to figure out ways to help.  Coffee/Tea on us. Cheers!

Kat: Monday the 13th from 11:15-1:30

Sara: Wednesday the 15th from 2-4:30


(from Jim Jarmusch’s film Coffee and Cigarettes)

Art events today

Glass visiting artist Anna Mlasowsky will give a talk on her work today at 4:30 in Binns-Merrill room C. Mlasowsky works with glass as installation and performance- below is an image of one of her videos currently on view at the Corning Museum of Art.

S12 4.jpg

Also today at noon in in the Nevins Theater is a talk from Seattle-based Curator, Miranda Metcalf, on effective strategies for gallery submissions.  How do you approach a gallery? What images do you need? What can you do to be prepared? This will be a good conversation about preparedness, professionalism and learning how to get your work out in the world.

Hope you can make both or either of these events!

Sondra Perry (Alfred alum) wins huge art prize!

Artist Sondra Perry has been awarded the Seattle Art Museum’s Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Prize for an emerging black artist.  This prize comes with a solo show at the Seattle Art Museum and $10,000.  Read more about it here.

Perry just had a widely-reviewed and acclaimed show at the Kitchen, in NYC , titled Resident Evil:

In 1971, Sun Ra said “Black people need a mythocracy, not a democracy because they’ll never make it in history.…Truth is not permissible for me to use because I’m not righteous and holy, I’m evil, that’s because I’m black and I’m not subscribed to any types of righteousness.” Sondra Perry‘s new video installation examines this active disinterest in the respectability that blackness has been perpetually asked to earn by white culture, providing a site in which her work, as well its viewers, can begin to reimagine standing value systems and moral structures. Through the lens of the Alien movie franchise— one which has been providing allegories of colonialism and mutability for decades—Perry’s work asks: how do agents of power behave when their subjects become absolutely unpredictable, fluidly inhabiting societal norms in order to destroy them? How can these defiantly multiplicitous subjects be watched? And how is veracity redefined by this surveillance?


Sondra Perry received her BFA from Alfred in 2012 and just finished her MFA at Columbia University. Visit Sondra’s website.


John Berger’s Ways of Seeing

Great convo today re: seeing, context, technology and reproduction!  If you want to see more of John Berger’s series, Ways of seeing, watch it here: episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, and episode 4

For homework for next week, please go to one of the shows on campus (or elsewhere if you get out of town!) and look at the work while being hyper aware of the context in which you are looking and experiencing the art. Please write 2-3 paragraphs speaking to this consciousness of looking, in ways Berger pointed out and that we spoke about in class. Please have these to turn in on Wednesday.