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Advising Schedule  – make sure you check when your time and location is.
Remember – come with questions, concerns and a piece of paper with the following:

All the courses you have taken/are currently taking

Your schedule plan for the Fall semester

Which of the 4 studios you plan on taking

Please also bring the BFA checklist sheet we handed out in class so we can calculate your credits

If you cannot make this time let Sara or I know soon so we can make sure we schedule a time to meet with you and get you your pin information.

Also- the sophomores, juniors and seniors LOVED getting to talk to you more about their studios and answer your questions. I hope that you follow up with some of them and take tours of each of the areas.


Drop in office hours featuring Kat n Sara at the Jet!

Open Office Hours with Kat n Sara at the Jet – Coffee on us!  Come talk to us about Foundations, sophomore scheduling, your hopes, dreams, fears…

Thursday, March 30th (tomorrow):  Sara 1-2:30

Monday April 3rd: Kat 2-3

Tuesday April 4th: Kat 2:30-4

Thursday April 6th: Sara 12-2


This will be us drinking coffee and talking about life and the future:


Hey hey! Sophomore registration is coming up sooooon (Tuesday April 7th)

Starting this Wednesday will be talking about what happens in your Sophomore year.  THIS IS CONSIDERED AN ADVISING SESSION – SO PLEASE BRING SOMETHING TO TAKE NOTES!

We will be going over what you need to take for the next year and will introduce you to some students within different divisions who can answer all (most) of your questions about sophomore year, studios and art history.

The following week (April) we will have the chair of each of the divisions (Ceramic Art, Drawing, Painting and Photography, Expanded Media and Sculptural and Dimensional Studies) to speak about each of the Sophomore studios.


expanded-media-index.jpg Meltdown_'12_photo.jpg


Group A – from Myles

“Howdy!  Please remember to bring your presentation AND handout on a USB.  I need a digital version of your paper… you don’t need to print it out!  This may be different than what I originally told you.  See you Monday! ”

Thank you!


Helen Hale Dance performance – This Saturday

Helen Hale – “Sanity Ceremonies”  This Saturday, March 18th at 8:00pm, FREEEEEEEEEEE


Helen Hale, visiting artist, will perform “Sanity Ceremonies,” a one-act, one-woman multi-media dance performance. “Sanity Ceremonies” integrates dance with text, video, costuming, props, lighting, film, animations, and sound. Her inspirational work demonstrates what it means to live a conscious, creative, and joyful life.

Helen Hale is a dance maker, embodiment scholar, amateur philosopher, player, rhyme sayer, over-thinker, and plant enthusiast. She is the director of Helen Hale Dance. Helen’s work has been presented by the High Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Galleries at Moore, Hambidge Center, Dance Truck, Dashboard, The Lucky Penny, Spark and Echo Arts, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, Temple University, and WonderRoot, among others.

For Group B – Make Lab

Megan and Sarah would like you to do the following by Monday:

This weekend please catalogue all of the clothing you have with you at Alfred. Feel free to document this information in any format (ie: lists, charts, drawings, sculptures, photographs, etc.) Bring the documentation of your catalogue to class on Monday and be ready to share.


Workshop supplies

Almost time to start round 2.  Here is a reminder of your new workshops for the B Block.

You will be asked to bring some things back with you for the next block:

For both SeeLab courses (A and B groups) please bring 3 different colors of masking tapes

For Sarah Gotowka (Cash Money) and Myles’s SeeLab class (B group) please bring 8-10  embroidery flosses of various colors and kitchen dish rubber gloves

For both CoLab classes (C and D groups). Please bring a small bottle of baby-oil (or get a big one and you can share with a friend)

For Andrew Oesch’s FuseLab (D group) please bring a gift to exchange:

For your gift you are to bring the most valuable thing you are willing to give away.

Wrap this gift, and outside the package have a card, which describes the “story” of your gift. This narrative may describe the objects history, what it is, who made it, where it is from, why you deem it valuable.

We will use this gift exchange as a jumping off point to discuss what we value and how value is communicated.

You will be giving this thing away and you will be receiving a gift in return.

Equipment return and studio clean

A reminder -if you borrowed a camera, camcorder, or tripod from Foundations this block you MUST return it by tomorrow or you will be held responsible for replacing it.  Please return to one of your faculty members.

Studios will be cleaned over the break, so please remove any art work and store in your lockers or another safe space. And remember that you will be needing all your work for your end-of-semester reviews and final exhibition.