Helen Hale Dance performance – This Saturday

Helen Hale – “Sanity Ceremonies”  This Saturday, March 18th at 8:00pm, FREEEEEEEEEEE


Helen Hale, visiting artist, will perform “Sanity Ceremonies,” a one-act, one-woman multi-media dance performance. “Sanity Ceremonies” integrates dance with text, video, costuming, props, lighting, film, animations, and sound. Her inspirational work demonstrates what it means to live a conscious, creative, and joyful life.

Helen Hale is a dance maker, embodiment scholar, amateur philosopher, player, rhyme sayer, over-thinker, and plant enthusiast. She is the director of Helen Hale Dance. Helen’s work has been presented by the High Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Galleries at Moore, Hambidge Center, Dance Truck, Dashboard, The Lucky Penny, Spark and Echo Arts, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, Temple University, and WonderRoot, among others.