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NEXT WEEK (Last week) :(

Things to come:

Monday and Tuesday (24th-25th) – you will be schedule for a 20 minute final review with 2-3 faculty. This will be exactly like what we did in the Fall, but with all new work and new faculty to speak with. We will post the schedule shortly and what work you are responsible for bringing.

Wednesday – CLEANING DAY. All work (unless otherwise state) will need to be removed from the studios because we will be doing an ALL-OUT cleaning fest – scrubbing, spackling, painting…

Thursday – You will bring in a selection of your best work from THIS semester.  As a group (or smaller groups) you will work together to curate and hang your final show. The Thursday/Friday faculty will be there to assist you.

Friday – finishing touches.   Friday late afternoon we will have a “soft opening” with just you guys and hand out some awards for outstanding examples of making, thinking, doing, collaborating.

Saturday – 2-5 is the opening. Bring your friends, family, strangers, faculty… Get dressed up and be ready to show off all that awesome work you guys made.



Wednesday class tomorrow

Everyone is expected to be there – we would like to use the beginning to make some important announcements about next week.  Also – this is a good opportunity to start clearing out some of your work from Myle’s class and Sarah and Megan’s class.

And (as stated below in previous post) this is an official casting party for our CoLab “penpals”. Those currently in CoLab will be doing their duet castings and for those who would like to re cast theirs – this is a good opportunity to do so. For those others – it would be amazing to have your plaster and alginate expertise and help. Remember its called “colab” for a reason and no good deeds are left unseen.

See you tomorrow.