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Please return all borrowed equipment to Angie, Kat or Sara. We will be in the Cohen studio Tue, Thur and Friday from 8:00- 11:00am. You can also find us in the foundations office Wednesday morning at 8:00am. It’s important that have all equipment returned, as we prepare for Spring Semester.




Final Reviews


Hello Foundations Class!

Final Review Week: Next week is final reviews during this time we will not be having our regularly scheduled classes, instead, each of you are scheduled for a 1/2 hour long critique of selected work ( please see blog post from 11/22). You are only responsible for attending your review. In preparation please make sure that all of the work your Faculty has requested for review is in good shape ie, clean, finished and flattened. If you are planning to show documentation of artwork please make sure that they are either good quality 8 x 10 color photographs or high quality images easily accessible on your computer. For those of you who do not have lap tops for displaying your blogs we will have 2 available for lending each day of the critiques.

Final Review Question: Please carefully consider and be prepared to talk about the follow question during your final review.

” What are 4 skills that you have learned this semester that you are proud enough of to share with your family and friends?”

Clean-Up: The Harder Hall and Cohen studios will be cleaned over break so please make sure to clear out all of your artwork and art materials before you leave for holidays. You will be keeping your lockers in Harder Hall for the rest of the school year.