Alter Ego/Future Selves

A reminder that we need 2 images from you by Thursday morning at 12:00am (Wednesday night) to the email address: One will be a picture of your Alter Ego and the other will be of your Future Self.  Please consider all the comments and suggestions your faculty made today regarding, lighting, color, scale, costume, position, etc! And also have fun with these! We will look at these in class on Thursday so make sure you have them in to us by midnight.

AND do some research into the artists we looked at today!


Cindy Sherman:

Here is a link to a great Art 21 video of Sherman talking about her process and characters



Jaimie Warren:

Here is a great Art 21 video of Jaimie talking about her work and collaborations – and some great clips of her totally wackadoo videos. And here is a link to her website.




Nikki S. Lee:

Here is a link to Nikki S. Lee’s gallery website where you can see more of her work and recent works.