Prep For Tomorrow

Dear Student

I hope you enjoyed meeting faculty in the four divisions today and seeing the incredible facilities and the work of your upper classmates. Keep Exploring!

Prep For Tomorrow:
Please make sure your work from last block has been removed from the studio and is stored safely. (If your faculty member said they would store your work it does not need to be removed from the studio)

Keep everything for possible inclusion in the Foundation End of the Year Exhibition!

Bring to Class Tomorrow:

  • Chase and Morgan— Make Lab: Bring ceramic kits, sketch book, writing utensil
  • Kathy— See Lab: Art Kits, Charcoal, erasers!!!, drawing boards
  • Kat—Fuse Lab: Art Kits, Paint brushes, Paint, container to clean out brushes
  • Sara—Co Lab: Dress for going outside!, cell phone for pictures, Art Kits and a special object from your bedroom. (larger then a peanut smaller then your palm)

Enjoy this snowy day!