Daily Archives: September 5, 2018

Thursday Morning Notes

Hello Class,

A few quick notes before tomorrow morning.

  1. A Group: You will be meeting in Harder Hall with Professor Livingston. She has requested that you bring your art kits + notebooks. Please make sure that you have all drawing supplies in the kit + your drawing boards.
  2. B Group: You will be meeting with Professors Des and Gill in the basement of Cohen. You will be spending some time outside tomorrow so be dressed for the weather and wear closed toe shoes.
  3. Cohen Studio is now accessible in 2 ways. Every day of the week from 7 am – 11 am the doors of the studio will be automatically unlocked. After 11 am you will need a code to unlock the doors. Each of you has access to the building and your code is the last 6 digits of your AU ID number.

that’s all for now — see you in the morning!