Drawing: Observational Homework

Hello B Group — the following is the homework you were given at the end of class today. It is due at the beginning of class on Monday.

Night Landscape Drawing:

Materials: 1 sheet of 22 x 30 Stonehenge drawing paper ( I have left out paper in the studio for your use)


Make a drawing of a night time landscape. This drawing should encompass all of the exercises we have done in class over the past 2 weeks in which you have learned about incorporating a wide range of values from white to black. Please take time to scout out locations and to do thumbnail sketches before committing to a location for the homework. Since we have not yet tackled architecture I suggest that you concentrate on open landscape. You are asked to do a night time drawing so that you are challenged to view, translate and then describe, through your knowledge of the value scale, a scene that is mostly dark values as opposed to light values during the daytime. Remember to work from general to specific detail.