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Wishing you Well!

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Hello Post-Freshmen!

We just want to thank you ALL for a great year. We hope that you all have come to think of Alfred as a supportive environment rich with learning, friendship, and new adventures! We saw all of you take risks, have successes, and become an important part of our community.

Have a wonderful summer and a happy sophomore year.

This is the time where we switch the blog and welcome the new students… but nothing from your year will be deleted… you’ll always find the pictures and messages that we posted here if you ever need them!

—Michelle, Angie and Kat

P.S. Check your mailboxes and let us know what you learn!



What to bring to the Reviews?



  • Best documentation from Blog (bring your computer)


  • Documentation of Final Project (on blog or printed on 81/2 x 11 photo paper)
  • One other project of your choice (actual, blog or printed on photo paper)



  • BLOCK A: Chance Operation/20 Hour Drawing
  • BLOCK B: Final Project


  • John Cage abstract piece
  • Final Memory piece



  • Your 30 x 40 Photo


  • TBA



  • Documentation of your sculpture (actual sculpture not needed)


  • First block/final costumes (pick them up from the left hand side of the studio anytime after Friday morning)
  • Second block/costumes and/or the documentation of them.


REVIEW schedule

Take a moment and check out the links below for your 15 minute review time. Remember, arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time so that you can put your work up and be ready to go. We do not reschedule reviews, so please be on time!

We will be posting all that you need to show at your review here in the coming days!





Tomorrow and Next Week!

Hello Students!

Tomorrow is a free work period for you.  We will not be meeting as a class.  Michelle will be posting the Final Review Schedule + the work lists on the blog soon so please make sure to check before the end of the day Friday for your scheduled time and what to bring.  All final reviews will happen in Cohen.  We will not be holding classes as normal next week.  Monday and Tuesday you are only responsible for showing up for your review time ( remember to be there at least 15 mins early to set up your work) for the remainder of the week attendance is mandatory.  Everyone must participate in final clean up and help with show installation.  In the meantime finish your final projects and begin to remove your finshed work,personal belongings and materials from the studio — many things are lost or destroyed by accident at this time of year

Next week:

Monday:  Reviews from 8 – 11

Tuesday: Reviews from 8-11

Wednesday:  Final Clean up of Harder Hall and Cohen Studios

Thursday: Install show

Friday: Install Show

Opening is Friday the 29th from 4-7 pm.


Michelle, Angie and Kat

Turner Proposals!

The Robert C. Turner Gallery in Harder Hall is looking for show proposals for next semester to be reviewed and scheduled for the fall. We encourage any artist or groups of artists to submit their proposals via email to The submission should come with 5 images of art work that will be featured. submissions forms can be found at submissions are due April 18-19 and will be reviewed on April 20th.

So WHEN do I register?

In the Spring class standing for registration purposes includes BOTH earned hours AND your Spring Semester hours in-progress.

Registration Dates for Fall Semester 2016:
·      Seniors (90+ credits):                         Begins Monday, Apr 4
·      Juniors (60-89 credits):                       Begins Wednesday, Apr 6
·      Sophomores (30-59 credits):              Begins Friday, Apr 8
·      Freshmen (0-29 credits):                    Begins Tuesday, Apr 12

Sophomore Advising and PINS!

Hello Everyone, in a little more than two weeks you will be registering on Banner for your Fall classes. Next week on Wednesday March 30 during the morning class you will meet with one of your advisors to look over your proposed schedule, discuss any questions you may have and receive your PIN for registration.

Before that meeting, take some time to think about your future. What do you want to learn? How do you match up the requirements of the BFA, BFA-Art Ed or the BS program and your personal goals so that you graduate in a timely manner? Think about which degree, what you want to take, if you desire to pursue a minor, or if you need to take a language to help enhance your study abroad.

You will need to arrive at that meeting with an actual schedule in hand, your questions, and the appropriate checklist for the degree that you are pursuing. This check list should be filled out up to the courses you are currently taken, but you can also pencil in those that you hope to take in the future. See below for links to the check sheets.

Your schedule should include your studio courses, as well as any other courses you plan to take. Each of you have already participated in the sophomore studio selection. Remember that those studios always meet on either M/T or TH/F from 1: 20 -4:10. Since you will be taking two, you should begin your schedule by blocking out those times.

After we approve your plan, we will give you your PIN. We will met with you at the following time, arrive early so that you have less wait time.

A-G    9:00 am

H- R    9:45 am

S-Z     10:30 am

Check sheet links:


BFA Education Minor

BS Art History and Theory

Registration Dates for Fall Semester 2016:
(*NOTE: Class Standing for registration purposes includes
both earned hours and Spring Semester hours in-progress)

·      Seniors (90+ credits):                         Begins Monday, Apr 4
·      Juniors (60-89 credits):                       Begins Wednesday, Apr 6
·      Sophomores (30-59 credits):              Begins Friday, Apr 8
·      Freshmen (0-29 credits):                    Begins Tuesday, Apr 12

makeLAB: Materials for Andrew and Marguerite

For Andrew and Marguerite’s Sections of MakeLab, Groups B & D.

A important practice as an artist is collecting. Whether it be specimens of different elements of nature like shells, unusual sticks, or rare stones.  Some things, like the lint in our pockets we collect un-intentionally.

For the First day of class we will be participating in a gift exchange, sharing the objects we collect with each other.

You will need to bring in three objects –
2 things will be specimens from collections you have made.
Bring one thing you collect un-intentionally.

Package these objects together and wrap them as a gift, please provide a card that has a one sentence descriptive label for each of the objects.

Also, Please sign-up for woodshed training in the first week of the semester, there are sign-up sheets in the hallway outside the woodshed. This is MANDATORY for completion of the class.

coLAB: Materials for Michelle, Emily, Ben’s class only


Hello Group C ! Hope you are having a great break.

For your coLAB workshop you will need to assemble a resource kit by either purchasing the materials or procuring them from family, Goodwill, or estate sales. Please bring everything on this list to the first day of class in a box or other container…

Also if you own a sewing machine, you may want to bring it back to school with you… (Click to read full list!) Continue reading

makeLab : Materials for Jason and John only

From Jason and John:
Bring these materials back with you from Spring Break and have them with you the first day of class.  You can get most of these at Lowes, Home Depot or your local hardware store.

2 Rolls – Jute Twine  ( )

2 Gallons – Elmer’s Glue-All White Glue ( )

1 Box – 1 1/4” Drywall Screws  ( )

1 Phillips Head Screw Driver ( )

1 Pair Diagonal Cutters ( )

4 Quarts of Gloss Latex Paint in 4 different colors of your choice. You can get these mixed at Lowes/Home Depot or your local hardware store. Sometimes you can find miss-mixed paint at these stores for a substantial discount.

Small Trim Roller Paint Kit with Fabric Roller Covers -Please get fabric roller covers, not foam. Includes paint tray, roller and roller covers.( )

A collection of large cardboard boxes and found/recycled paper. Newspaper is ideal, but any type of recycled paper will work. At least 6 large cardboard boxes and several bags of paper. You can flatten the boxes to transport them.

Liquitex Basics Acrylics – You will also be using the Liquitex acrylic paint that came in your tool/material kit, so restock those if necessary.( )

Michelle’s coLAB!

Hello All, Just a final reminder that you are to post your final project onto your blog today no later than 5 pm. You should include images and or video, as well as some description of your project and process.

Also please make sure that ALL of your materials are out of the studio (they were to be out by Tuesday night!) and that if you borrowed anything that it is brought back by tomorrow morning. We are missing several sewing machines, both irons and small ironing boards. Please take the time to look for these and help them get back to the studio. Students next block NEED these tools for their work. Thank you.

change-570x427Tomorrow we will meet in

HOLMES at 9am instead of NEVINS!

Spread the word!