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You did it! You’ve just finished your first semester of Foundations at Alfred University! It was awesome to see all of your work together at the reviews. You certainly have worked hard and learned much! Have a wonderful break… check back here for information on classes, materials and news about next semester!

—-Michelle, Angie, Kat


Final review schedule.

Attached is the Final Review Schedule for Foundations and the review work list —these have also been posted in both the Harder Hall studio and the Cohen Studio.  The Reviews will be held on Monday Nov. 29, Tuesday Nov. 30th, Thursday Dec. 2nd, and Friday Dec. 3rd from 8:15 am – 11:00 am.  Each of you has been scheduled for a 15 minute review.  All reviews will be held in the Cohen Studio.

As you check the schedule please make sure to note the DAY, TIME and PLACE your review will be held.  This review is essentially your final exam for the Art 101 class  — therefore arriving late or missing your review will result in a reduction to your final semester grade.  Make every effort to bring in all of the work that has been requested.  IF you are missing one or two pieces you do not need to re-do them for the final review.

The week of final review we will not be holding classes as usual, however, we will be holding a final clean up of the Harder Hall Drawing spaces on Monday Nov. 29th from 9 – 11 am.  This is a mandatory clean up (students who are being reviewed during that time are exempted) students must report to the Harder Hall studio at 9 am that morning to help with clean up.  I will provide all clean up materials — you will all need to dress appropriately.  Otherwise for the rest of the week you are only responsible for showing up to your individual reviews.


STUDIO Visits welcomes Katy Asher this week! Katy Asher investigates how audiences create shared meaning around ideas of place through her work in groups and facilitation of participatory events. She recently co-founded Portland Stock, a monthly public dinner event and presentation series which funds small to medium-sized artist projects in Portland, Oregon. Past collaborations include work with art groups Red76, The M.O.S.T. and The Committee.

Katy holds a MFA from the Art and Social Practice program at Portland State University and a BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She has exhibited work and organized events at apexart in New York City, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art Time-Based Art Festival in Portland, OR, and the Melbourne International Arts Festival in Melbourne, Australia, as well as at the Melbourne Contemporary Art Fair and Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Pomona College Museum of Art in Los Angeles, CA, the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR, Reed College in Portland, OR, and Igloo Gallery, in Portland, OR.

Let’s Get Happy!!

D. Chase Angier and The Site Specific Performance class, along with Marketa Fantova and The Principles of Theatrical and Performance Design class want to collaborate with YOU to create


The second site specific dance in the Happy Dance Series, Wednesday, October 6 from 11:00am to 5:00pm second floor of Harder Hall (in the outside courtyard across from the Moka Joka).

Bounce away the gloom of midterms and Get Happy!  We can’t do it without YOU!

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Drum roll please…

Next week we will be welcoming artist Joshua Bienko to Studio Visits, the Wednesday morning lecture series and LIVE interview show! He will start off the morning in Holmes at 9 am with his lecture: Desiring le’Con. After a quick stage change, Michelle Illuminato and Brett Hunter will be interviewing Joshua in front of you, the LIVE audience.

Joshua Bienko’s work combines the style of the Flemish masters with the ironic wit of an astute social critic. His precise execution of technique is more of an authentic mental exercise than an emotionally driven expression. What emerges is a heartfelt distance from his subject. His videos, photographs, paintings, interactive sculptures, audio tracks and drawings are nationally and internationally exhibited. Faculty in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University.

To learn more about Joshua and his art practice go to

It Begins!

We will be meeting in Holmes Auditorium at 8 am tomorrow morning for your first class. Please bring with you your materials for the project we will be starting:

a 25 ft or longer crocheted line from grey yarn
one 2lb acrylic ( one color) red to purple range, SOLID colors only — no stripes or migrating colors
a bunch of ready made linear material – that you will be able to crochet– scale of your choice.
a set of crochet hooks – a set E-J will work.
pair of scissors
a sketchbook/notebook and pen/pencil
You DO NOT need to bring your art kits tomorrow.

See you in the morning!

Like to Move?

Check out this class from Dance. Note that the prerequisite is waved for Foundations Art students who have performance experience (in dance, theater or performance art)!

Movement has tremendous potential as an art-making medium, either standing alone or combining with other art-making practices.  Students who take Improv/Comp I will dig into movement as a medium, while simultaneously tackling the basic elements of all movement composition: space, time, and energy.  Find out what you’re able to create and communicate using movement!

Contact Robert Bingham for a pre-req override.
TR 1 – 2:15
3 Credits