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All of your coursework in Foundations is governed by an overarching syllabus. Faculty members may also provide you with a specific syllabus for their particular section.

Click each to be taken to the document. You will be able to download or print it from there.

OVERARCHING FOUNDATIONS SYLLABUS all_foundations syllabus_fall15

STUDIO RESEARCH StudioResearchSyllabus_2015


Surround Sound Workshop!

2000px-5-1-surround-sound.svgAlex Ashcroft is offering a surround sound workshop Tuesday night ( tomorrow).  The workshop will demonstrate how to develop a surround sound project.  The workshop will meet from 7-9 pm in the Harder Hall Studio in the Fuse Lab section where we have built a small room.

All you will need is a note book and some sound files on a flash drive.

Want to go abroad?

The Vintage, Italian illustrator Franco Brambilla

The Vintage, Italian illustrator Franco Brambilla

Just an early heads-up. Sophomores who want to go abroad in the spring of their junior year should make an appointment to meet with Vicki Westacott at least three semesters ahead of the desired abroad study trip.  For more info see the attached handout for an overview of the options available for students in Art and Design.         Art and Design Handout[2]


Please join us for two events that celebrate the work of Spring 2015 Foundations Randall Chairs Joanna Wright and Alex Ashcroft. On Monday March 30th at 6pm in Nevins Joanna and Alex will lecture about their work. On the following Monday, April 6, stop by the Turner Gallery from 12pm – 4pm to see an audio-visual work-in-progress, called Atomfa as well as hear some examples of Alex’s experimental ambisonic pieces.

Art Talk: Monday, March 30th
Time: 6PM
Location: Nevins Theater
Cost to Attend: Free

Exhibition: Monday, April 6th
Time: 12 – 4PM
Location: Robert C. Turner Gallery
Cost to Attend: FreeAtomfa still atomfa still 2

THIS Wednesday!

bubbleDzn[1]W 3/25
Visiting Designers Presentations
Nevins Theatre, PCC

The Divisions of Expanded Media and Foundations are co-hosting three visitings designers to share their passion for design. Our guests include:

Emil Schult, artist, designer, poet, musician<;, and current Theodore Randall International Chair in the Division of Expanded Media.

Allister Klingensmith, Designer, Pointpath Studios<; and Alfred SoAD BFA 2004 graduate.

Nick Kuder, Designer and design educator, Cranbrook MFA, and currently teaching at the Gwen Frostic SoAD<; at Western Michigan University.

Turner Gallery – Call for Submissions

Turner Postcard

The Robert C. Turner Gallery is looking for exhibition submissions for the upcoming Fall Semester! This is a great opportunity to propose a show on a theme of your choosing and gain the experience of curating and hanging work in a beautiful gallery space on campus.  To look at images of past shows please check the Turner Flickr page and their Blog.

Information regarding submissions is here.  The deadline for submissions is Aprli 6th!

The Turner Gallery is a student-run space, meaning the directors, gallery officers, and exhibition maintenance staff are all students, just like you. If you have any interest in becoming a part of the gallery team- whether you are interested in hanging work, designing posters, or organizing schedules – you should sign up for the Turner internship class. The interns vote on show applications, assist in hanging art work, create PR materials, photograph shows, and update social media platforms. They keep the gallery running in a professional manner. If any of this interests you – get involved!

Love Dance? Want to Learn More?

If so, your first ‘move’ might be to take a Dance class this Fall. Composition 1 is open to all BFA students with a signature from Prof. Chase Angier. It meets on Monday and Wednesday from 11:20 until 12:35. Dance classes count towards your Physical Education credit and may even ‘lead’ you into a Dance Minor!

So what are the requirements for a Dance Minor?

The following courses (completed with a grade of a C or better) are required for a minor in Dance.
Danc 120         Fundamentals of Dance  2 credits
Danc 230         Improvisation/Composition 1 3 credits
Danc 211         Dance History 4 credits
Danc 270         AU Dance Theater 4 credits (2 credits taken twice)
Danc 222         Modern I 2 credits
Danc 330         Improvisation/Composition II 3 credits
Or Danc 331   Site Specific Comp  3 credits

Electives in Dance Courses     6 Credits    Choose from the following:
Danc 322         Modern II 2 credits     (can be taken more than once for credit)
Danc 370         Choreographic Practicum 2 credits
Danc 221/321  Ballet I & II 2 credits
Danc 223/323  Jazz I & II  2 credits
Danc 340         New & Existing Repertory   3 credits
Danc 224         Contact Improvisation 2 credits
Danc 331         Site Specific Comp (if took Comp II) 3 credits
Danc 330         Improv/Comp II (if took Site Specific) 3 credits
Danc 450         Independent Study
Danc 200         Special Topics (such as Advanced technique, Site Specific Art & Dance, Improvisation, Movement for Actors, etc…)

Total Credits Hours = 24         

For more info please contact Prof. Chase Angier at

rainbow(As you know!) This Spring you will be taking fours workshops, each for 6 weeks called coLAB, seeLAB, makeLAB, and fuseLAB. You will take 2 different workshops each block. The class size will be smaller, since the Foundation class will be divided into 4 groups: A, B, C, D. Below is the class schedule. 2015LABschedule

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

04nov-manifestoBruce Mau is the Creative Director of Bruce Mau Design, based in Toronto, Canada. In 2003, he founded the Institute Without Boundaries, a twelve-month interdisciplinary postgraduate program that aims to produce a new breed of designer, one who is, “a synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist. “ Mau is an exemplar of creativity, and in his “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth” articulates his beliefs, motivations and strategies. To read the full list go to his site:

DOWNLOAD your own copy here: 04nov-manifesto

Blogs for Divisions in the School of Art!

Looking for more information about the Divisions in the School of Art + Design? Here are a list of links to their blogs. They list classes, professors and additional ways to learn more!


Drawing Painting Photography

Expanded Media

Sculpture & Dimensional Studies


06RAGNAR1_SPAN-superJumbo    interpolation dramatization 9

I hope you all are getting excited about our upcoming trip to Cleveland… There is going to be some really great work up, and shows that are quite appropriate to some topics covered in many of our classes (identity, mark-making, color and light…)

Please check out some of the exhibits and maybe start doing some background research on some of the artists.  There a little something for everyone: photography, painting, textiles, video, glass, even music! Check it:

Cleveland Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art

Me+Her (the many faces of cardboard…)

This short video, Me+Her, had me thinking about how the simplest materials can make amazing things.  Think about all the work you made last semester using just cardboard, plastic, tape and glue…

Check out this Sundance Film Festival Official Selection short made entirely with cardboard! It goes to show you that very low-brow material can be elevated to Sundance-approved artistry: