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It’s Show Time!

Spread the word! Cohen Studio, Saturday, April 30 from 3 – 5:30!


Systems Documentation!

I’ve just posted many of your projects on the flickr site. Check them out! If you want you may use these for your review, but please, each one should be printed out in color and be large, at least 8 x 10.

Have a great weekend! Michelle

UP NEXT: Reviews!

Can you believe it? We are in our last week of classes! Stay tuned, we’ll be posting important info this week about reviews… in the meantime your faculty are requesting you gather the following to bring to your review.


Ted Morgan ( for A and C groups )

-Final Large Drawing
-Field Collage
-Collage of your choice

Kathy Vajda and John Gill
All: Large drawing and digital print

All (Andrew/Woody): CD of your work.

Pick up this SUNDAY evening at the 5th floor Computer Lab Monitor Desk. While we will have a laptop per area for you to show your CD, you may want to bring your own laptop for ease of presentation.

All Groups
-shadow paintings
-final color space project


Jason Green ( A and C Group)
-Fabric Panel
-Building Tension ( actual or documentation)
-Reef ( actual or documentation)

Illuminato/ To
D Group
– Documentation of Final individual project
– Documentation of Final Group Project

B Group
-Body Extension/Body as Architecture Project (actual or documentation)
-Documentation of Final Project


Studio Visits will welcome Stan Shellabarger + Dutes Miller for a special edition of the Wednesday morning lecture and talk show next week April 13, 2011 at 9am in Holmes, Harder Hall. In addition, they will be creating a new performance on campus in the days that follow! More about this to come! In the meantime, check out more about their work at

Photo: Untitled (Grave), Debuted at the Volta art fair in Basel in 2008, Miller & Shellabarger dug, in close proximity to each other, two holes, deep and large enough for each man to lie in. They then dug a small tunnel between the holes that enabled them to hold hands while lying in the graves. (Thanks to Western Exhibitions for the photo.)

Untitled Cameo (Beards in a Braid), 2009 Carved sardonic shell on sterling silver mount  1 1/4″ x 1 5/8″

Untitled Silhouette (Conjoined 37), 2009  Somerset black velvet on BFK rives   44 3/8” x 30 ¼”

Art Therapy Questions?

Are you interested in Art Therapy? The Creative Arts Therapy Club advisor, Victor Franco just announced that there will be an art therapist faculty member from Nazareth College on campus this Friday, April 8th, who is willing to speak regarding her experiences in the field and answer any questions students may have. Join the meeting at 2 pm in the Powell Campus Center (specific room TBD via signs in Powell by Friday morning).

The Good Stuff!

Spread the word!  A cool course….THE GOOD STUFF:
Found Object in Sculpture, Installation and Performance Art
IART 377, Fall 2011  M + W 10:20am – 1:10pm
Instructor: Laurel Jay Carpenter

Course Description:
Through object experiments and spatial investigations in this studio course, students examine the fundamental techniques of found object artwork, using accumulated or altered mass-manufactured objects in hybrids or series to create personal work in the disciplines of sculpture, installation and/or performance. Through research and hands-on experimentation, students will have an opportunity to further appreciate how material, space and intention cooperate to form three-dimensional art.  Direction of the course will be lead by student interest and may include traditional assemblage sculpture, site-specific installation and prop-driven performance art, with attention paid to the interaction and collaboration often called upon in large-scale work.  Slide presentations and discussions about contemporary art will further explore the historical, cultural and popular aspects of the found object.
(Note: As a sophomore in the fall, this course may be taken as an extra course in addition to your two sophomore studios, but will count for elective credit not studio credit.)


A Group:
 Meets with Andrew Deutsch’s Time Workshop in the rear of the Harder Hall
Studio (end nearest painting studios) Please bring a notebook and a pen/
B Group:
 Meets with Michelle and Angie’s Systems: Softworks workshop in the front
space of the Harder studio (end nearest Moka Joka).  Please bring your
stuffed animals and your seam ripper. (and mug)
C Group:
 Meets with Stephanie McMahon’s Color Workshop in the basement of Cohen.
Please bring your kits make sure the following is in the kits: all of your
paint, brushes, container for washing brushes, a ruler and an exacto or
utility knife for cutting paper.  No need for drawing boards.
D Group: 
Drawing with John Gill and Kathy Vajda on the main floor of Cohen.  Please
bring your objects to class and  kits — make sure you have charcoal in the
kits.  No drawing board needed.
*those meeting in Cohen will need to remember to bring your key cards– building access is restricted to those with keys.

Have a great Spring Break!

Congrats everyone! It looked like some amazing work happened in the studios this block… and now after a short break, you’ll return for your final 2 workshops! You will need to refill your kits as well as purchase new materials before you return to campus. Please take a moment now and click on the Materials + Tools to find out what is required. And then sit back and enjoy some well deserved free time!


Join us in celebrating the end of the first block with the students from Group D. They will be presenting installations and works from their Systems (Michelle Illuminato/Angie To) and Time (Woody Packard) courses. Seven o’clock in the Harder Hall Studio. There will be cheese!

Thanks to student Christina Stillwaggon for the poster design.

SoftWORKS : : Installation Presentation

As promised, here’s my presentation from this morning’s class. Take a moment and look over, you’ll also find the assignment and some suggestions for getting started at the end.

And a big thanks to Christina Stillwaggon for volunteering to make a poster for our exhibition next week. Please give her some suggestions for the title of the show! Anyone interested in handling the music?

PS. Thanks to the artists, whose work I used this morning and to Art 21!


Thanks to the snow, we all get a moment to catch up! Enjoy the free work day.

We will be going ahead with the crit as scheduled for tomorrow in Michelle/Angie’s  Systems::softWORKS course. So

please have your work fully installed and ready for the crit tomorrow at 8 am!

An Evening of Dance!

Get your tickets now!

Alfred University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Division of Performing Arts Presents

An Evening of Dance
featuring new works by guest artist Yoshiko Chuma, AU faculty, and students.

Thursday February 17th-
Saturday February 19th @ 8 P.M.
Miller Theater
Miller Performing Arts Center

$5 general admission
$1 AU student with ID
Reservations strongly recommended
For tickets call 871-2828 or

Something inspirational.


Calcispongiae by Ernst Haeckel

I was thinking about all of you researching the interior of the body this weekend and wanted to share something I think is really inspirational, the drawings of Ernst Haeckel. For more of these lovely drawings, do a google image search!   (MI)