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king kong

The Foundations class will be taking an overnight trip to NYC on Saturday, September 23rd. We will be spending the time looking at art, eating good food and gathering sights and sounds to bring back to Alfred.

The cost of the trip is $75.00 per person this fee includes: roundtrip bus fare, overnight accommodation and entrance to the Museum of Modern Art.

** the trip fee must be paid by Friday September 15th. You can take a check or cash to the Bursars office which is in the main floor of Seidlin Hall.


Alfred ROCKS!!!!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Come to the Alfred Rocks kick off event!
Alfred Rocks is a new initiative on campus; collect rocks around the village of Alfred, decorate them, and hide them in plain sight around campus for another student to find as a random act of kindness.
This Saturday from 1pm-4pm in the Cohen Barn Studio on Main Street, come decorate a few rocks and enjoy some snacks! All supplies will be provided (including rocks, but feel free to bring your own as well).

I hope to see you there!

Josh DiFabio (Foundations Survivor c. 2017)


Thank you!

Joshua DiFabio
BFA Degree Candidate 2020
Alfred University
Resident Assistant – Moskowitz Hall

Homework: 8/29

Due 8:00am Wednesday

  • Please move all of your 3 word autobiographies to the windows in the studio


  1. Three (3) sheets of fully patterned paper- of at least your height or more
  2. Wander, Seek and Find CLEAN- cardboard
  3. CLEAN the Studio
  4. HEAPIST- if you haven’t read the essay please do so! (link in yesterdays post)


Ink Paper Pattern Color




White Paper

Brown Paper




1 color pattern

2 colors


Getting Started

Hello Incoming Freshmen. Let’s get started!

Please take some time to look over the “Getting Started” information on this site. You can find it by clicking the titles below.

Materials Archive

Materials + Tools



Technology Guide

The Attendance Policy

and then watch for the Orientation and all other new Information in the month of August!

Have a great summer and we look forward to meeting you this Fall.

— Foundations Core Faculty: Angie To, Katarina Riesing, Sara Ferguson

Final announcements

One last quick reminder to clear out all lockers and portfolio/drawing files out of the Harder Hallway. The maintenance staff will be through shortly to cut locks and clear out all lockers.

Good luck with all your finals and papers! And congrats again on a great year. Looking forward to each of you *killing* it in your Sophomore studios. Don’t forget – we knew you when!

I will be posting some images from the final Me//We show shortly. Stay tuned!

–Kat n Sara

IMG_0416 (1).jpg

CONGRATS! and Show Clean-up!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 6.54.10 AM

Congrats again on a wonderful show! It was a huge success – people loved it!!!

Today it needs to come down so we can let the seniors take over for their senior shows. I highly recommend going in and photographing your work while it is installed.

Any work that you leave out will be thrown out. Please do not make Sara or I or any of the seniors do your job for you!

John Gill and Liisa need groups A and C to come and help video and dismantle the sculpture installation today. They are expecting you at 1pm. Again, do not make John do all the work himself!  Take some photographs and take out some finals week frustration on your paper mache!

TONIGHT- soft opening and PIZZA party!!



Remember we are meeting at Cohen around 3:30 for our “soft opening” Awards will begin at 4:30.  We will have pizza!

And at 7 please go to the orchestra concert at Miller!


For Tomorrow- FRIDAY

Show is looking great, y’all! We still need to hang some work, move things around and clean clean clean.  Our maintenance staff is going to be coming around and doing the floors soon – so all work and bags and art kits, etc need to be off the floor.

FOR TOMORROW we will meet in Cohen again to do some finishing touches and begin lighting the work.  Andrew is working on videos and we will need help setting all of that up.

Many of you were missing this morning and were late. Tomorrow is our last class together so please make it count – be there on time and make a great last impression.

We will also have our “soft opening” tomorrow in the Cohen studios at 3:30.  We will be celebrating the show together as a class and handing out some awards!

See you all tomorrow!


Final days of Foundations!

This weekend you need to gather and remove your art work from the studio spaces. With the exception of a few installation pieces that will remain in place for the opening.

Reviews will be in both Cohen and Harder-

We have some installations in both spaces that will remain during the reviews. **Harder: MakeLab, and FuseLab with AO- CoLab back wall. Cohen: Colab upstairs wall and SeeLab taped wall **This is the only work that should remain installed in the studio spaces during reviews. Everything else should be cleared out, unless you have permission from your instructor to leave it up during reviews.

Week Overview: *Details Below

  • April 24th 8:00am-11:00am Reviews
  • April 25th 8:00am-11:00am Reviews
  • April 26th 9:00am- 11:00am Studio set-up, draft exhibition outline
  • April 27th 8:00am- 11:00am Install
  • April 28th 8:00am-11:00am Install
  • April 28th 3:30pm-6:00pm Foundation Celebration
  • April 29th 2:00pm-5:00pm Foundations Opening
  • April 30th Clean, Clean, Clean
  • May 1st Clean, Paint, removal of all artwork


*April 24 &25 8:00am-11:00am Final Foundations Critique

The link below will give you a list of all the materials you need in preparation for your final foundations critique:       ReviewFoundationsFinalCrit

Your critique date, location and group are listed on the spreadsheet link below: This will also be posted in Harder and Cohen: FF studio last week sch

  • April 26 8:00am- 11:00am
    • Clean Studios, repair and paint walls
    • Work as a group to layout the exhibition spaces
  • April 27th 8:00am-11:00am
    • Install
  • April 28th 8:00am-11:00am
    • Install
  • April 28th:3:30pm-6:30pm Foundation Celebration
    • Let’s celebrate the end of the year!
  • April 29th: Foundations open studio 2:00pm-5:00pm
    • Open to all friends and family
  • April 30th-Collect all artwork and materials:
    • Use this day as an opportunity to gather, carefully remove and pack your artwork.
  • May 1st Clean!!!  
    • All artwork must be removed from studios!! Everyone is charged with helping to clean! Anything left in the studio on May 1st risks being thrown away and lost forever!

NEXT WEEK (Last week) :(

Things to come:

Monday and Tuesday (24th-25th) – you will be schedule for a 20 minute final review with 2-3 faculty. This will be exactly like what we did in the Fall, but with all new work and new faculty to speak with. We will post the schedule shortly and what work you are responsible for bringing.

Wednesday – CLEANING DAY. All work (unless otherwise state) will need to be removed from the studios because we will be doing an ALL-OUT cleaning fest – scrubbing, spackling, painting…

Thursday – You will bring in a selection of your best work from THIS semester.  As a group (or smaller groups) you will work together to curate and hang your final show. The Thursday/Friday faculty will be there to assist you.

Friday – finishing touches.   Friday late afternoon we will have a “soft opening” with just you guys and hand out some awards for outstanding examples of making, thinking, doing, collaborating.

Saturday – 2-5 is the opening. Bring your friends, family, strangers, faculty… Get dressed up and be ready to show off all that awesome work you guys made.