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DRAWING X — tomorrow Friday 9/5


IFA 019

Remember tomorrow have preliminary drawings done in your sketchbook, start gathering materials to work in class on your machines, and be ready to share your ideas!

Here are links to some of the videos we watched today:

Matthew Barney

Tony Orrico

Rebecca Horn mask

Rebecca Horn – fingers




Here We Are!


Join us for the opening of Here We Are! and meet the newest members of the Alfred Art Community. The exhibition is the culmination of the week-long activities in Foundations. Taking inspiration from the questions,

“Where is Home? and Who Am I ?”

students have created a large scale ‘fresco’ in the Harder Hall Studio as well as a collaborative audio piece titled, Hometown Stories and a series of Self-Portrait Zines. Stop by, share a donut and some conversation with the Art freshman on Friday August 29th from 10:00 until 11:00 am. Download and Print out the poster here: Here We Are

Cloaked in the guise of color and pattern, three installation artists reveal subtle signs of discontent.


Attend the opening Friday September 5 from 7-9 pm of , an exhibition featuring the work of Ron Lambert, Derek Larson and Nikki Painter. It takes place in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery and runs until Saturday October 11.

The artists will be giving a talk on Monday, September 1 at noon in the gallery…you are invited to join them!

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 11 A.M.-4 P.M.; Saturday-Sunday 1-3 P.M.



Here’s another reminder of the basic zine format we will be working with.  Remember: pages 3-6 will be upside down, so when folded they will align with the other pages.  We will go over how to cut and fold them tomorrow in class.

The list-making today was a jumping-off point for thinking about ways of telling us about yourself.  Think of other ways you might give us some insight into the story of YOU.  

Some other ideas: archeological dig of your pockets/purse/dormroom, favorite recipes from home, inventory of your piercings/tattoos/scars – and the stories they tell, maps of all the places you’ve lived or rooms you’ve inhabited, how-to guides, family/pet portraits, mixtapes of your favorite songs – illustrated somehow, your favorite articles of clothing and why they are important to you, an interpretation of your facebook page… 

Again – these are just prompts, a place to start – the possibilities of self expression are endless, so please be creative and really tell us a story!


Brooklyn Zine Fest

the Brooklyn zine fest website, will link you to the pages of zine artists  —  note the diversity of content, style, and format.

and one of my favorites:

Kate Bingaman-Burt, who chronicles every purchase she makes. You can see her zines and drawings here:

Daily Purchase Drawings




Tomorrow is Tuesday. Day TWO.

FOR TONIGHT: cover all the walls and columns in the Harder Hall Studio! Keep in mind WHAT you are trying to convey… HOME/ME. It was suggested for you to use variations of brushes (and line!), to think about the big picture/the overall composition, and not to be timid but to go in and rework some of the drawings. Keep moving, we are looking for an inclusive drawing not one were we see individual areas.

FOR TOMORROW: Please bring brushes, sharpie pens or other black marker-type pens, any visual materials including your maps, glue stick, scissors, x-acto knives… plus your HOMETOWN story, YOUR OBJECT and story, and your MAP!

Nearing the end

Can you believe that A-block is coming to an end? Neither can we! There are a few important reminders before Fall Break begins. Make sure you are prepared for your last week of class. Once your projects are complete, document your work, clean up your space, and store your supplies. We do not provide storage space, but it is important that you keep your projects if possible for your final review at the end of the semester. We are talking high-quality images here, folks, not camera phone photos.

Additionally, next Wednesday we will NOT be meeting as regularly scheduled. Get caught up on projects, sleep in, or work on final papers.

We’ll post more details soon about B-Block!

Wednesday Meeting

On Wednesdays we meet as a whole group for activities, lectures, you name it. For tomorrow’s class we will be meeting in the Harder Hall Studio at 9am to wrap your wheel barrows and store them in the Harder Hall courtyard.  Afterwards we will be moving as a group to the Cohen Studio for a drawing activity.  In terms of materials for tomorrow — please make sure that each wheel barrow group has a pair of scissors to cut the plastic wrap for covering your wheel barrows.  You do not need to bring anything for the drawing activity.  We will be providing materials.  However, you will be getting messy to please dress appropriately.


Foundations + Pulled Resources Wheelbarrow Cavalcade

It is the end of a truly wonderful and ambitious week here in Foundations. Our wheelbarrow building and customization workshop, based on Pulled Resources Community Camaro project helped you each develop new technical skills and collaborative methods. Remember that the wheelbarrows will be exhibited at SUNY Geneseo in mid-October, so you have about a month to continue modifying, if you choose. Here are a few photos from the parade (more will be posted soon).

A big thanks to Dan and Thomas for leading us this week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The+High+LineWe will start off the day by taking a walk on the High Line to see great views of the city and the public art along the way. Ask us to point out the Chelsea Market below at the corner of 15th, a great place to remember for lunch. After a bit of a walk, we will get off the High Line and visit the Chelsea gallery district below. As people view art at different paces, we ask that you stay with a small group and proceed to see as much as possible! In the afternoon, after you have seen as much as possible, take a walk or a subway ride to another neighborhood, a museum you’d love to see or more public art. We ask that you plan for this part of the trip with friends and that you take a good map, keep an eye on the clock, and have fun.

NYC: How should I get ready?

Learn more about the High Line And Print Your Own Map:

Look up WHO is showing WHERE in the Chelsea galleries this weekend, and decide WHAT you want to see.

-Read the New Yorker or Time Out, and look up Chelsea Galleries online and download their map

-Download the app NY Art Beat (1.99) on to your smart phone. It’s a great little app that will tell you all about the shows, and let you select them on a map. This way you won’t walk by something you wanted to see!

-One recommendation, see Mark Dion at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery on West 21st Street.

Plan! Take time this week to plan your FREE TIME with friends. You will have the afternoon to take your own art-seeing tour. Start now, form a small group of friends and dream up what would be the best thing you could see, do, or visit. Keep in mind that this should be art-related… You might visit the Guggenheim, MOMA, see the 1983 Show at the New Museum, or the Lower East Side Galleries Take the time to find something that you’d really love to see!

Maps, Maps, Maps. Know where you are and where you want to go. Print out neighborhood / gallery maps, or purchase a great map of NYC and it’s subway system! Or use your phone to help you get around.

Pay attention to time. Watch your clock or watch. Please leave at least an hour to get back to the bus! Time travel is not yet possible.

Take Student ID, a bottle of water, comfy shoes, camera, notebook, and some cash! Remember that your Student ID often gets you in to museums at a much lower cost. Make sure that you signed up for the lunch box, so that you have some snacks along the way.

Emergencies, Contact, Phone Make sure that you sign the emergency contact sheet and let friends and family know that you will be in NYC for the day. AND add Michelle and Angie’s numbers in your phone. (given in email)


April 6, 2013  




Meet in McLane Parking Lot

4:00 am

Leave McLane for NYC (there will be one stop along the way)


Arrive NYC. Bus will leave us off near 10th Avenue and West 14th St. in the Meatpacking District.


Walk on the High Line and start Gallery Visits in Chelsea.


On Your Own for Lunch (Chelsea Market, 10th Ave + W15th St., is a great place for this!)


Visit more Chelsea galleries or take a walk/subway to another neighborhood to see museums, galleries and more art!  We recommend that you plan ahead, take a map, go with friends, and be back on time.

6:30 – 7:00

Head back to where the bus left us off.    Should be 10th Avenue and West 14th St. but may change.

7:30 -7:45

Bus Loads



2-3 am

Bus Arrives at McLane Parking Lot.