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Attendance Policy

All Foundation courses are governed by the Foundations Attendance Policy. The policy is as follows:

Attendance is not only mandatory but it is crucial to your success in Foundations. Roll is taken daily in all workshops as well as for the Wednesday meeting. There are no ‘excused’ absences, you are either in class or absent. We understand that you may get sick or experience other difficult situations over the course of a semester, therefore we allow up to three absences without reducing your grade. Keep in mind that this is three absences for the entire semester across all Foundations class and including the Wednesday meeting. On the fourth absence,  your grade will be lowered by a half grade. (Ex. B to B-)  Please be on time, as three tardies are the equivalent of one absence. Ten or more absences will result in automatic failure of Foundations.

While we do not require a note from a doctor or any other documentation relating to your absence, we encourage you to talk to your faculty if you have an emergency that causes you to miss class. Please also share the information with either Profs. Angie To, Katarina Riesing and Sara Ferguson.