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115103-magic-marker-icon-business-registered-markAssistant Dean Robin Howard send an email last week about registration. Did you get that information? If you did not, make sure that you are checking your email!

It is past time! If you have not registered… please do so today. If you have, please check to make sure that it is correct. Read the registration post we have prepped for you and make sure that you have Foundations (8c), one or two Art Histories (2c each), a Writing or Humanities class. You may want to take a music or dance class, or other courses, but first register for these. Your classes should add up to at least 12 (for full time) up to 18. Check that you have all the details correct. Here are a few things to look for:

Art History:  Their numbers should be 120 / 130/ 140 (the 0 can be any number). They run half a semester (A Block or B). Check that you signed up for the correct discussion session. It should be during the same block.

Humanities:  Take a course with a B or D and if possible with a Global Perspectives designation. This will help you get the required courses finished so that you have more freedom to select courses later. Check out the post that shows you how to find these designations.

If the Registrar ‘registered’ for you, delete those credits as you fill up your actual courses.

If you have credits you want to transfer in, contact the Registrar’s Office to find out how.