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thank you lou


Pinhole Files!


Photo by Allison Piedmonte

Wish you had a copy of that awesome picture someone took of you or just want to see what your classmates did this week? Go to the Dropbox Folder that we set up to view and download images. Here’s the link: Dropbox Pinhole Folder

If you don’t yet use Dropbox… consider joining, it is a great way to share files and will come in handy this year in a number of your classes. I’ve sent you each an email invite to join….Join Today!

Next Wednesday: Pin Hole Cameras!

Just a reminder, next Wednesday we will be learning more about pin-hole photography. Make sure you come to class with a camera and lens material, we’ll help you assemble it and supply the paper! Remember that a camera is simply a light-tight box or object and that the lens material is a piece cut from a pop or soda can.

Thanks to Make: zine for the pix. For more about the Pinenut Pinhole camera go to: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/03/pinenut_pinhole_camera.html