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Register for classes (should be DONE!)

Purchase Art Kit / Materials and Book

Purchase Technology (computer, camera, printer +)

Collect Material Archive

Read Bruce Mau’s ‘Incomplete Manifesto for Growth’ and ‘What Do Artists Know?’ by Frances Whitehead (on this site under readings)


Questions for YOU!

1. Did you register?

2. Do you have at least 12 credits and not more than 18?

3. Did you sign up for at least one Art History AND an Art History Lab for each section? (Also make sure that you are not taking more than ONE during the same block!)

4. Do you know what writing course you should take?  (If not, see the registration post to learn how your test scores help determine this.)

5. Did you get all your technology, materials, and book?

Check over your schedule! It’s important to have this all finished before you arrive.

See you soon!

Love Dance?

Then this might be for you! It’s free, it’s Friday and it’s fun.

Guest Artist Tiffany Mills is going to teach an open master improv/movement class open to all levels of experience this Friday from 1 – 2:15 in Miller 300.  She will be warming everyone up, then using words or city names to begin a composition exploration that will involve improvisation. This isn’t just a straight up dance class, so no need to have any experience. It will be fun and will draw on your creativity whether you are comfortable or not with Dance.

Tiffany Mills:  http://www.tiffanymillscompany.org/