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So WHAT did we watch on Wednesday?

beautysmLearn more about Wayne White and his art here http://waynewhiteart.com/   and see Beauty is Emabarrassing again here http://buy.beautyisembarrassing.com/



Wednesday Meeting

On Wednesdays we meet as a whole group for activities, lectures, you name it. For tomorrow’s class we will be meeting in the Harder Hall Studio at 9am to wrap your wheel barrows and store them in the Harder Hall courtyard.  Afterwards we will be moving as a group to the Cohen Studio for a drawing activity.  In terms of materials for tomorrow — please make sure that each wheel barrow group has a pair of scissors to cut the plastic wrap for covering your wheel barrows.  You do not need to bring anything for the drawing activity.  We will be providing materials.  However, you will be getting messy to please dress appropriately.


Next Wednesday: Pin Hole Cameras!

Just a reminder, next Wednesday we will be learning more about pin-hole photography. Make sure you come to class with a camera and lens material, we’ll help you assemble it and supply the paper! Remember that a camera is simply a light-tight box or object and that the lens material is a piece cut from a pop or soda can.

Thanks to Make: zine for the pix. For more about the Pinenut Pinhole camera go to: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/03/pinenut_pinhole_camera.html