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Required materials for the FIRST WEEK PROJECT?

  • Slide05At least one printed photograph of you (somewhere between hand and head size works nicely). You may use more if you’d like.

  • An object(s) of personal significance that can be photographed (basketball size or smaller)

    Please be prepared to explain why you brought those particular images and objects. In both cases the more meaningful the image or object is to you, the better the story.



Hello, you’ve reached the Division of Foundations at Alfred University, New York College of Ceramics, School of Art + Design, in Alfred, New York.

Here you can find info about happenings, classes, and visitors, as well as practical info for new students such as how to register, graduation expectations, and guides to technology and tools. There is also a link to the Foundations Flickr page, where you can get a peek at the 2013 Foundations Exhibition and student work!

A special welcome to our newly accepted students!  You will join over 120 other bright young artists as they begin their educational journeys at AU’s School of Art + Design! Before you arrive on campus, you’ll need to take care of a number of things. The Alfred Foundation Blog will walk you through your first steps! Take some time and read the blog starting with the titles under ‘Getting Started’ (over there -> in the right column). For questions, email Shelly Grant at grantsh@alfred.edu in the School of Art + Design Office.

Check back often, as it is always changing!

Have a good summer.

Angie To and Ted Morgan

ART Orientation Activities

Thursday, August 23

2-3 General College Session (w/parents) + Dessert, Holmes Auditorium

3-4 Advising, Harder Studio (optional)

Friday, August 24

9:15 Opening Convocation, Davis Gym

11-12 Dean’s Informational Meeting (required), Holmes

12-1 Lunch (provided) and Discussion, Cohen Studio

2-3 Advising, Harder Studio (optional)

Note: These are the orientation activities associated with the School of Art, there are other activities on campus that you may also want to attend.

To learn more go to: