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russia-georgia-mapProfessor Andrew Deutsch will be working with you to create a Ryonji Drawing following John Cage’s score. And the amazing news is that the works you create will be exhibited at the National Gallery in Tbilisi Georgia!

You’ll need to bring to class:

12 stones, each should be about the size of your palm or smaller.
a BUNCH of “not dusty” drawing materials – NO chalk or dusty stuff. Water colors are okay, Sharpies not so good. The more drawing materials the better.
one or two sheets of 12 in x 12 in paper
6 sided dice (one or two).
a ruler or straight edge

YOUR First International Exhibition! (or at least for most of you!)


Drawing: Materials (Vadja + Gill)

Please note: This is for Kathy Vadja and John Gill’s section ONLY. Purchase ONLY if you are in this section.
From Kathy and John, “We would like to request that students bring back an assortment of found objects that will fill, at the minimum, a 12″x 12″x 12″ box. More is better. The objects can be man made: toys, discarded mechanical parts, fabric, interesting containers etc. The objects can also be found in nature: sticks, seed pods, fungi etc. THEY WILL BE DESTROYED so the individual must be willing to part with them. The projects for the work shop will only be as interesting as the objects collected. Make good decisions!”